Dermatology Night at Wesley Health Center

Program Overview

Overview of Dermatology Night at Wesley Health Center

The Wesley Health Center (WHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center that serves the population of downtown Phoenix, many of whom are medically underserved and may not otherwise have access to care. In addition to the family medicine services available at the day and night clinics at WHC, dermatologic care is provided one day per month.

On a typical Derm Night, 6-12 patients have appointments scheduled, and each student may take focused histories from 2-4 patients. On Derm Nights, WHC reserves 2 patient rooms for dermatologic cases.

What to Expect

  • MS1s and MS2s work alongside MS3s and MS4s under supervision of an attending physician

  • Students should expect to be involved in all clinical aspects of patient visits, including:

    • Recording vital signs

    • Obtaining patient histories

    • Performing physical exams

    • Seeing or doing procedures

    • Lab studies

    • Documentation (SOAP note) - students' notes are submitted to the attending physician for approval

  • Students should expect the Wesley Health Center to be a fun experience that sharpens your doctoring skills and prepares you for clerkships while providing a much-needed service in the community


Attire: Professional dress or Scrubs
What to bring: Stethoscope and other physical exam materials you use-
  • Watch with second hand
  • ROS/SOAP note outlines (new students)
  • A pen
University of Arizona and Phoenix Biomedical Campus IDs

How to Get Involved

  • Four slots are available per month:
    • Two spots for MS3/MS4s
    • Two spots for MS1/MS2s
  • MS1s can participate after completing their mini-OSCE and Wesley orientation

Program Leadership

Nishita Maganty, MS2

Learning Objectives

  1. Comprehend the cultural, financial, and social influences on dermatologic health in a clinic dedicated to the underserved in Phoenix.
  2. Competently perform history-taking, physical examination, laboratory work, and diagnostic testing in a clinic dedicated to the underserved in Phoenix.
  3. Practice and perfect the knowledge and skills obtained in the Doctoring curriculum while providing respectful and effective patient care.
  4. Competently present a focused dermatologic history to attending physicians.
  5. Develop familiarity with dermatologic terminology and appropriate description of lesions