Neighborhood Christian Clinic

The Neighborhood Christian Clinic (TNCC) is a privately funded medical and dental clinic for uninsured and underserved communities in Phoenix. The clinic also supplies and dispenses all its medication in-house. There are several doctors and nurses on staff, but volunteers make up a large part of the workforce.

The clinic is operates under a Christian mission statement, providers will pray together with their patients, and there are short devotionals and prayer sessions held before each shift. The clinic sees patients from a variety of backgrounds, and anyone, regardless of religious background is invited to volunteer!

Volunteer positions include translators, nursing positions, and work in the medicine room. We can take shifts at any time during the week that fits our schedule.

Volunteer Shifts:
Monday shifts      8:30 – noon     12:30 – 5 pm     6 – 9 pm
Tuesday shifts     8:30 – noon     12:30 – 5 pm
Thursday shifts    8:30 – noon     12:30 – 5 pm     6 – 9 pm
Friday shifts         8:30 – noon     12:30 – 5 pm

What to Expect:

You will be in charge of rooming patients, getting a limited history, doing some point-of-care testing (A1c, blood glucose, urinalysis, UPT, etc.), and putting in orders for referrals and labs.
You will be working alongside Bertha or Gio, both nurses at TNCC.

You will be working with a provider to help interpret. The majority of the clinic's patients are Spanish-speaking.
You will be paired Either with Dr. Wong or a volunteer provider.

Med Room:
You will be responsible for filling prescriptions and documenting the drugs dispensed. It is a great opportunity to brush up on your pharm.