Health Professions Mentorship Program (HPMP)

Program Overview
We work with Phoenix high school students to educate and generate excitement about college and a career in the fields of medicine or science. We meet monthly with the students after school for 60-90 minutes and discuss the path to college and medical school, teach physical exam skills, learn about injuries affecting HS athletes. Many of these students are part of educational tracks directed towards sports medicine, fire and police academies, science professions, or medicine. We also include at least 1 field trip to the campus where we show the students the Sim Lab and have them see what it's like to be a medical student. These students are hard workers, dedicated to learning more about medicine, and excited to work with you! 

As a part of our partnership with the College of Medicine Phoenix Latin Medical Student Association, our mentoring program focus on outreach and education within schools with a high latino student population.

Program Leadership

Yanet Cora Kopnina MS2;

If you are interested in mentoring students in the community, practicing your physical exam skills, and having a great time, please consider joining!

Some topics to be discussed this year:
  • College application process and scholarship applications
  • Personal statement writing
  • Concussions & common sports injuries
  • Neck, shoulder, knee, and hip exams
  • Vital signs & Physical exam techniques
  • Emergency Medicine & CPR
  • Field trip to UA COMP Simulation Center at the end of each semester!!

For upcoming events, check out our SignUp Genius: 

**CHIP hours are awarded based on event length and entered within 48 hours
**No-Shows and cancellations less than 24 hours prior to an event may result in hour deductions (up to the full event length)


1.     To foster interaction between Arizona high school students and medical students at UACOM-P to enable exposure to medical school and healthcare

2.     To provide professional advice to students wanting to pursue a career in healthcare

3.     To support, encourage, and empower Arizonans in their pursuit of higher degrees- specifically in the healthcare field, if interested, in order to work towards closing the achievement gap faced by latino students

4.     To foster the growth of long-lasting and rewarding relationships between the mentor and mentee

5.     To enable UACOM-P students to gain a broader understanding of the socioeconomic struggles of students in Arizona

6.     To recognize how social and financial barriers affect students’ lives and access to educational opportunities