Be A Leader Foundation


Mission Statement

There are countless obstacles that students need to overcome in order to be successful in pursuing higher education, including personal statements, college applications, and the FAFSA. These obstacles can be most daunting for students who plan to be the first in their family to go to college. In order to help students overcome these obstacles, the Be a Leader Foundation provides workshops and professional development events that walk students through these tasks, while also providing them with mentorship to support them towards the professional goals that they have for themselves.

As medical students, we can utilize our familiarity with the college application process to help the Be a Leader Foundation support local students. At the same time, we can provide valuable mentorship for students as they seek to develop professionally, especially for students who are interested in the field of medicine.

Program Description

This program will involve medical students volunteering at the various professional development workshops that the Be a Leader Foundation offers to local students, to help support them towards graduating from high school, gaining admission to college, and being successful once they get to college. Specifically, some of these workshops focus on writing personal statements, writing college application essays, picking a major, and many other valuable learning experiences. Beyond helping with these workshops, another goal of this program will be to provide mentorship support and contacts for the students as they pursue their goals.

Program Leadership

Student Contact: Jocelyn Di Nolfi,