Medical Community Outreach Association


The Medical Community Outreach Association is in charge of working with the administration faculty and staff at the UACOM-P to organize events such as Mini Med School. The goal of these events is to connect the greater Phoenix community to the COM-P family. We host events every month that are open to the public, with fantastic guest speakers and amazing hands-on activities. The audience members that attend greatly enjoy having a medical student to talk to and learn with during the sessions. Volunteers will help engage with the community at these events, speak with them about the guest speaker's lecture, and work with them on various hands-on activities. It is rewarding, fun, and easy to volunteer with us! 

Hello everyone, my name is Dylan, and I am a member of the UA College of Medicine - Phoenix, Class of 2020. I am an alumnus of Davidson College in North Carolina where I earned a B. S. in Biology with a minor in Hispanic Studies. I am very excited to bring my creativity, enthusiasm, and passion for teaching to the Medical Community Outreach Association's programs. If you have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to contact me! 

Mobile: (512) 228-7763

Dylan Sabb
UA COM-P, Class of 2020
Representative: Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Student Volunteer Learning Objectives:
  • Students will serve their community by volunteering to work with various programs around the greater Phoenix Area.
  • Provide valuable information to pre-meds about the educational journey, career options, and specialty lifestyles as these topics pertain to the fields of medicine and health care.
  • Facilitate academic, hands-on activities designed to stimulate curiosity and continued interest in the world of changing medicine and research. 
  • Provide continuous and lifelong interactions with participants of Mini Med School, future and current health care individuals.
  • Appreciate relationships formed through community outreach and develop the UA COM PHX relationship with the healthcare community of the greater Phoenix Area

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Cancelation policy:
Please email or call Dylan at least 12 hours before the event if you need to cancel, and include a reason. If you do not attend an event, and you fail to notify Dylan more than once, one (1) CHIP hour will be removed from your account.