Native Health


Program Overview

Coordinating volunteering opportunities with Native Health. Events include Diabetes Prevention Summer Camp, Open House Events, Flu clinics, School physicals toy drives etc.

Upcoming events include:

TBD!!! :) 

Volunteers needed at all events! Please sign up here:

Program Leadership

Chirag Kapadia, UACOM-P 2020

Hi! I'm Chirag Kapadia, an MS1 at the UACOM-P! I'm an Arizona Native, born in Flagstaff and raised in Phoenix; growing up in AZ I've had the opportunity to learn a lot about Native American culture and I'm excited to have the chance to learn even more. My research interests are in the nutritional sciences, and I'm super excited to help spread awareness and education about Diabetes Prevention and Vitamin C!

Veronica So, UACOM-P 2020

Hello! My name is Veronica and I'm a MS1 here at UA-COMP. I grew up in Portland, OR and moved to Tucson, AZ for 8th grade and high 
school. I then went to undergrad in New York City but now I'm back in AZ for medical school! In each place I have lived in, I've learned more 
about what makes each culture unique. I am really looking forward to being involved with Native Health to learn more about the different 
culture that represents a portion of our Arizona population. I am also very interested in raising awareness about a healthy lifestyle and
medical knowledge as it can have a really powerful impact!

Past Leaders:
Charles Smith, UACOM-P 2019

Yáʼátʼééh everyone! (That's of course Navajo for hello). I am Charles Smith, a Med. Student at UA-COMP. I moved to AZ about a year and a half ago from Virginia. I came out here to be by family and work on a Master's degree before medical school. I love it here. I love Native Americans too. I served a LDS church mission in New Mexico and Arizona with a large part of it being on the Navajo reservation. I worked with other tribes as well. That's the same with Native Health; they work with a large Native American population, not just Navajo. 

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