Wildcat Night at Verde Park 🐾 🌳

Program Overview

The University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix has partnered with the City of Phoenix to provide a positive and enriching environment for underserved children to stay active and healthy by creating Wildcat Night at Verde Park. Every month, UACOM-P medical students will engage with local children on healthy and educational topics, in order to foster rapport and positive attitudes between our medical students and the community. Our goal is to motivate and inspire the youth to pursue healthy lifestyles and higher education. Additionally, we hope to promote medical students' understanding of the daily challenges and struggles facing children of various underserved backgrounds. This is an opportunity to advance medical students' cultural awareness and communication skills through interaction with and teaching underserved youth.

Spring 2018 Schedule
2/7: TBD 
    - TBD
3/7: TBD
    - TBD
4/11: TBD
    - TBD
5/2: TBD

Fall 2019 Schedule

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CHIP Leader:
Dane Alzate, MS1