Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG)

Statement of Purpose and Mission:

Approximately 20% of United States citizens currently reside in rural communities, while only 11% of physicians provide care to these individuals. The primary goal of the Rural Medicine Interest Group (RMIG) is to provide opportunities for all students to explore the medical discrepancies facing rural America. In addition, RMIG seeks to provide knowledge about the various geographical settings of our rural communities, as well as insight to lifestyle of the rural physician. While many incentive programs focus on primary care in the rural setting, RMIG also seeks to explore the roles that medical specialties may play in various settings. Lastly, RMIG hopes to reach all students, including those that may be deterred by the formality of joining the Rural Health Professions Program.

Club Leadership

Dario Alvarez (MS1),
Cody Miller-Munoz (MS1),

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Jonathan Cartsonis, MD

Associated Websites

National Rural Health Association

University of Arizona Center for Rural Health - Tucson

American Academy of Family Physicians - Rural Practice

American College of Surgeons - Rural Surgery Programs

Club Activities 2016-2017

Sept. 2016: Lunch talk with Dr. Jarrin, about the role and scope of a Rural-Surgeon in Arizona. Rural Health Interested Resident Panel.