Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

Welcome to the Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

WMIG Mission:

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group is a resource for current medical students to gain exposure to the field of Wilderness Medicine.  We will coordinate events which are directed toward enhancing and understanding the subspecialty of wilderness medicine, including but not limited to, hostile environments, envenomations, and disaster preparedness.  

Club Leadership

Andrea Fernández, MS2
David Lee, MS2
Zaid Saadeh, MS2

Faculty Advisor 
Dr. Jeff Schultz

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Club Events and Activities 2018

Upcoming: Skills Night

We will be learning about a skills you can apply in emergencies and out in the wild, such as patient ABCs, fracture management, carry out techniques, and knot tying

4/23: High Altitude Physiology and Illness

We learned about basic physiology and illness in environments of high altitude with Dr. Comp, a pulmonologist and avid mountaineer  who shared his own experiences in the outdoors and as a physician

Coming Soon:
MedWAR Fall 2018

Photos from MedWAR 2016:

MedWAR EMIG/WMIG 10/1/16

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