Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The mission of UA COMP FMIG is to:

  • Serve the community
  • Inspire students to pursue family medicine
  • Prepare leaders for the future of healthcare

  • Serve the community by volunteering, educating, and leading. We will volunteer with underserved populations, educate peers and the community through outreach, and provide opportunities for leadership and advocacy.
  • Inspire medical students to pursue family medicine and contribute to the future of the healthcare system through mentorship, relationship building, and camaraderie amongst medical students, residents, physicians, and the community. We will expose members to the specialty of family medicine, host hands on clinics to teach relevant procedural skills such as suturing and casting, encourage student involvement in FMIG and community activities, host discussions on current topics in family medicine, and form relationships with family doctors and local family medicine residency programs.
  • Prepare medical students for the future of family medicine through exposure to full spectrum family medicine, dispelling myths, and educating students about continuity, coordination, and comprehensive care. We will host lunch discussions with local physicians, volunteer, and develop leaders.

    Club Leadership

    Student Leaders: 

                Merrion Dawson, Class of 2022
                Alec Smith, Class of 2022

    Faculty Advisor

                Dr. Sarah Coles
                Assistant Professor - Family, Community, and Preventive Medicine

    Past Leaders:

                Cecilia Cruz, Class of 2021

                Cornel Popescu, Class of 2021

                Kaitlyn Simmons, Class of 2021

    Upcoming Club Activities 2019:    

    • Family Medicine Subspecialties Panel - February (Date TBD)
      • Learn about some of the possible career paths that you can pursue as a family medicine doctor! 3-4 family medicine docs will join us for lunch and discuss their paths to family medicine and to their eventual subspecialties.
    • Casting Clinic - Late March/Early April (Date TBD)
      • Learn how to cast and splint from family medicine doctors, residents, and faculty from the Phoenix area.
    • Family Medicine Community Volunteering Day - Late April/Early May (Date TBD)
      • Join fellow UA Phoenix students, family med doctors, residents from around Phoenix as we volunteer at an organization (TBD) serving the Phoenix community! Lunch/appetizers will be served following the volunteer event.

    Past Club Activities 2016-2018

    October 2018               Primary Care Week
                                               -Settings and Practices in Primary Care Lunch Panel
                                               -Full-Spectrum Family Medicine SIM night
                                               -Stations including: Suturing, Skin shave and punch biopsies, Circumcision,                                                  Knee aspiration
                                               -Full-Spectrum Family Medicine at the Neighborhood Christian Clinic Lunch                                                  Talk 
                                               -Plus advocacy from the AzAFP
                                               -Community Health Lunch Talk with Dr. Connie Tucker and Dr. Jonathan                                                         Cartsonis
                                               October 15-18, 2018

    August 2018                Family Medicine Mixer

    October 2017              Primary Care Week 
                                            October 16-20. 2017

    August 2017               Family Medicine Happy Hour
                                            August 10, 2017

    April 2017                    Casting Clinic 
                                            April 27, 2017 

    November 2016          Suturing Clinic 
                                            November 2, 2016 5:30-7PM

    October 2016              Primary Care Week!
                                            Lunch talks and events all week long
                                            FMIG, PIG, Geriatrics, OB/GYN, IMIG
                                            October 24-28, 2016

    October 2016              Primary Care Week: Rural and Underserved
                                            State and National Loan Repayment Programs
                                            October 25, 2016 12-1PM

    October 2016              Primary Care Week Breakfast
                                            October 26, 2016 7:30-9AM

    October 2016              Primary Care Week: Miracle of Modern Medicine
                                            Dr. Steven Brown, Program Director of University of 
                                            Arizona - Phoenix Family Medicine Residency
                                            October 26, 2016 12-1PM

    May 2016                    Family Medicine Night
                                            MS4 Family Medicine Match Panel
                                            May 4th, 2016 12-1PM