Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSURG)

Club Leadership

2018 Leaders

Brenna McElenney

Pareena Kaur

Faculty Advisor

Nader Sanai, MD | Barrows Neurological Institute
Neurosurgical Oncologist

Associated Websites

AANS (American Association for Neurological Surgeons)

Mission Statement
The Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSURG) aims to educate students on the speciality of neurological surgery in order to promote interest for this unique career path. Furthermore, the group intends to educate students on the path to residency and the diversity of fellowships available after entering the specialty.

Club Activities 2017-2018

Lunch/Dinner with current BNI residents or faculty
  • A way for students to become exposed to the realities of neurological surgery and learn about life during and after residency. 
SIM center event with common neurological cases
  • A way for students to practice their clinical decision making skills and test their ability to diagnosis and treat neurological cases