Student Interest Group in Ophthalmology (SIGO)


Welcome to the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix Student Interest Group in Ophthalmology. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Ophthalmology or just want to learn more about eyes, then you have come to the right place. This group holds many events every year. As a member, you will learn how to operate a slit lamp and other high tech ophthalmology equipment, dissect a pig's eye, work with blind children, and much more!

Club Leadership

Maya Patel (

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mandi D. Conway

Associated Websites

American Academy of Ophthalmology: 

Club Activities Spring 2016

Ophthalmology Match Lunch Talk
Eyeglass Drive
Pediatric Ophthalmology Evening Talk

Mission Statement

The Student Interest Group in Ophthalmology is an organization for all medical students interested in learning about and gaining exposure to the medical specialty of ophthalmology. Our purpose and goals are:

  • To provide all students interested in pursuing the field of ophthalmology as a specialty with the resources and information needed to succeed in residency matching.
  • To provide opportunities for students to participate in ophthalmology activities and events in both the school and community.
  •  To inform students of issues and topics in the field of ophthalmology.
  • To bring a greater presence of academic and clinical ophthalmology from the community to our campus.
This club is open to all students.