Tactical EMS (TEMIG)

Mission Statement: 

The purpose of the Tactical Emergency Medicine Interest Group at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is to introduce students to the exciting field of Tactical Emergency Medical Services (TEMS). We provide students with fundamental knowledge about TEMS and interactive events aimed at making students the best and most prepared caretakers in an emergent and potentially hostile situation. We have various trainings on topics such as TCCC, Stop the Bleed, and others as well as simulations to put our trainings to the test. There will be no firearms training with our events due to safety concerns and school policy. 

Current Leadership: 

 Connor Swensen, MS2                         Luke Wohlford, MS2
 cswensen@email.arizona.edu             lwohlford@email.arizona.edu

Past Leadership: 
Matthew Mitchell, MS3 (club founder)

Club Advisor:
Brad Butler MD FACEP, Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine

Past Events: 

Stop the Bleed: Bleeding Control Basic Course
Get hands-on training on how to stop life-threatening bleeding using direct pressure, hemostatic bandages, and tourniquets. 
Look out for upcoming course announcements through the Weekly IG Calendar, or view available courses near you at https://cms.bleedingcontrol.org/class/search