Black Students in Medicine (BSIM)

Mission Statement

Black Students in Medicine (BSIM) is motivated to build on its three founding principles: Pipeline, Presence, and Community. BSIM is driven to promote, build, and nurture pipeline programs for black students within the Phoenix-area universities, colleges, and high schools, towards medicine and STEM-based careers. We desire to establish and build a sense of black presence at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, and in the community, look to promote awareness of morbidities common to the black population in the Phoenix area.

Club Leadership

Agnes Ewongwo, MS2

Dario Alvarez, MS2

Ogaga Ojameruaye, MS2

Tosin Ayotunde, MS2

Fawsia Osman, MS2

Faculty Advisor

Sharon Thompson, MD

BSIM and Supporting Physicians


During Connect2STEM we connected high school students from the Phoenix community with professionals in STEM-based careers, such as engineers, physicians, mathematicians, and more, and with college and medical students, for a day of leadership, mentorship, networking, and inspiration.
For more information about this event, please click on this link.

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White Coats for Black Lives

As students, faculty, and staff members, but overall, as a UA College of Medicine – Phoenix Family, we must stand and fight for justice, equality, and solidarity. Let us demonstrate that racism, hate, violence, and ignorance, are diseases affecting our society, and we are the future physicians that will heal it.