Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA)

Bienvenidos a la página de La Organización de Estudiantes Medicos Latinos!
Welcome to the Latino Medical Student Association Webpage! 
LMSA Mission Statement:
To promote education, community outreach, and student development related to medical Spanish, and the policies and practices related to the medical care of Latino populations.

Club Leadership
President: Jesus Sandoval Macias       
Vice-President: Jesus Leyva                   
Secretary: Danielle Hutchens                                
Mentorship Programs:  
Medical Student Representative(s):
    Cecilia Cruz:
    Alina Martinez :

Club Email:

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Maricela Moffitt   

Associated Websites

2018 Separated: Children at the Border Panel

2016 Diversity Dinner  

2016 Western Regional LMSA Conference at UA-COMP

    Upcoming Activities Fall 2018: 

    - Cultural Night (multiple interest group event)
    - Salsa Dance Night
    - "Doctoring in Spanish" Day

    Past Club Activities:
    Conversational Spanish Lunch
    Medical Spanish Practice
    Latino Physician Panel
    Welcome Lunch Talk
    Dr. Castro- Latino Issues in Healthcare

                                UA-COMP Salsa Night 2015