Muslim Medical Students Association (MMSA)

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Statement of Purpose

MMSA is an organization that provides Muslim medical students a nurturing environment to practice the principles set forth in the Islamic scriptures.. The organization is also dedicated to serving the disadvantaged and underserved communities through service activities. The organization is also committed to educating the medical community about Muslim patients to better the delivery of care. This organization is open to all students.  

Objectives and Goals:

  1. To educate the medical community about the cultural and religious sensitivities of Muslim patients

  2. To provide both clinical and non- clinical service opportunities for medical students targeting underserved populations consisting of either Muslims or non-Muslims, or both

  3. To mentor students by Muslim upperclassmen and physicians in the community

  4. To conduct religious services on campus

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Club Leadership

Zoha Ahmed                                             Zana Alattar                                                                           

Fawsia Osman                                       Sarah Patel


Faculty Advisor: May Mohty, M.