Student Ambassadors (STARs)

As a STAR, our role is to serve as a representative of the UA-COMPHX by hosting applicant visit days, volunteering for outreach events in the community, and sharing our experiences honestly with prospective students and others. It is pertinent that STARs positively demonstrate the attributes of a student, future physician, and member of the community. Also, they should provide a non-judgmental environment where applicants can feel at ease. We are incredibly enthusiastic about our school and are here to talk about how wonderful student life is here and the many benefits of being a part of the UA-COMPHX family.

Please contact us with any questions.

Club Email:

Executive Board Members: 

AVD/Revisit Chair:  Bridget Ralston
Recruitment & Training Chair:  Jessie Koljonen
Student Outreach Chair:  Dario Alvarez
Host Chair:  Zoha Ahmed
SIM Coordination Chair:  Ian Meshay

    Faculty AdvisorDr. Glen T. Fogerty

    Associated Websites


    Upcoming Events: 2016-2017 schedule to be released this Summer

    Club Activities Include:

  • Applicant Visit Days
    • August 22nd

      August 29th

      September 12th

      October 3rd

      October 17th

      October 31st

      November 7th

      November 21st

      December 5th

      December 19th

  • Applicant and Current Student Mixers
    • August 21st
    • August 28th
    • September 11th
    • October 3rd 
    • October 16th
    • October 30th
    • November 6th
    • November 20th
    • December 4th
    • December 18th
  • Medical Student Panels
  • Medical School Tours