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The Mission of the Wellness Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix is to contribute to the well-being and development of all students through mentorship, engagement and support.


The purpose of the Wellness Program is to maintain a small “family oriented” culture as the college increases its student population. Mentorship is a corner stone of the Wellness Program. With a Physician Mentor, Alumni Resident Mentor, Executive Committee, Fourth-Year Mentor and three Second-Year Student Mentors (Big Sibs), the Wellness Program provides a multi-layered approach to resources and mentorship for incoming first-year students. Students stay with their same mentors and Wellness groups throughout the entirety of the program to build small "family" like groups.

  • To offer a support system for incoming students, which will also assist them through the transition phase of becoming a medical student and continue to provide support through their first two years of medical school.
  • To encourage a connection between students within the same cohort (e.g., MS1) and between cohorts (e.g., MS1 and MS2).
  • To honor a safe place for open discussions with peers and mentors/faculty who may have like concerns and to create an atmosphere of mutual respect, sharing of ideas, mentorship and awareness of resources.
  • To encourage groups to become involved in regular activities which promote the wellness concepts (listed below), foster the service atmosphere of the school and contribute to the community.
  • To provide an informal advising/mentoring system for ongoing support.


The Four Pillars of Wellness represent the balance a student should strive for to be well in their academic career and beyond. These four pillars shape the programming, seminars and curriculum of the Wellness Program. The pillars are a guide for the entire Wellness Program and are overseen by the Wellness Executive Committee (comprised of 5 second-year student leaders), as well as the Wellness Committee (composed of 10 second-year student mentors). These pillars help the program to execute its mission and strives to instill balance and wellness ideals in every student.

 AcademicCommunityMental HealthPhysical
The Academic Pillar assists students with their learning techniques, studying habits, note taking skills, career objectives and provides focused tutoring time. This pillar is focused on helping students to succeed in their academic environment, so they can be successful in achieving their career objectives.The Community Pillar focuses on getting students engaged in the local, nation, international, spiritual, social and special interest groups. This pillar seeks to get students involved with items/people/organizations they are passionate about both inside and outside of the medical arena. This pillar seeks to encourage students to not only build networks, but to explore areas of interest outside of their academics. The Mental Health Pillar focuses on helping students with balance, stress relief, counseling resources and extracurricular outlets. The purpose of this pillar is to provide the students with tools to be healthy in such a high pressure, rigorous environment. The Mental Health Pillar strives to provide awareness of mental health issues and seeks to help prevent, combat and identify students who may need assistance in this area.The Physical Pillar engages students in a variety of activities. This pillar focuses on getting students to stay physically healthy from the food they eat to the amount of exercise they get. The purpose is to get them to realize that physical activity and proper diets are key to staying healthy and relieving stress.

Upcoming Events:

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

COM-P Wellness Program is excited to present a weekly Mindfulness Meditation Session every Wednesday from 12:00-12:30 in A446 lead by Rev. Rock Fremont. These sessions are meant to give you the opportunity to sit and have a quick (less than 20 min) meditation session. Rev. Fremont has practiced mindfulness meditation since 2001 and has led retreats on mindfulness since 2005. Rock has studied with Eastern and Western teachers of diverse traditions. He has completed postgraduate work in mindfulness including leading weekly sitting groups with both homeless and incarcerated populations. The mindfulness meditation class offered at our campus will not be religious in nature. The course is great for beginners an those looking to take a quick break from their day to re-focus.


Location, Dates, and Times

Location:  Health Sciences Education Building, Room A446
Date:  Kickoff and information class, Wednesday, November 16th
Time:  12:00 p.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Follow-up classes will be offered weekly from 12:00 p.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the same location

Past Events: