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Structure and Executive Board

Executive Board: 

Kelly Daus kedaus21@email.arizona.edu
 Tanner Ellsworth

 Pareena Kaur

Akshara Malla

Brenna McElenney


Karen Pho

    The student Wellness Executive Committee (aka the Exec Board or Exec Team) is a group of five students who serve as the liaisons between the Student Services Coordinator and the student body, including our Wellness Teams, for all things Wellness Program related. The Exec Board is in charge of coordinating event programming and ascertaining what improvements can be made to the UACOM-P's Wellness culture.
We are a diverse group of individuals ranging from marathon runners, yoga enthusiasts, world travelers, and Happy Hour experts. What we DO have in common though is our shared passion for improving the UACOM-P community and the fact that we are really fun—at least we think so! Please feel free to contact any of us if you are interested in learning more about the Wellness Program or have any ideas!

Projects we are working on:
  • Proposal for more standing desks & ergonomic standing mats for the HSEB library.
  • Addition of better lighting at the standing desk area at the north side of the library on the 2nd level.