CHIP Leader Guide to awarding CHIP hours:

The Service Learning Student Leader will award hours to the individual program leaders and co-leaders.

Hours will be awarded after completion of leadership term.

Program head-leaders will receive 10 hours; co-leaders will receive 5 hours.

The service learning student leader will receive 10 hours.

Program leaders may not award themselves these hours.

When creating a signup or event, always specify how many hours will be awarded for this event.

Round up to the nearest hour. For example, a 3 ½ hour shift will be awarded 4 hours, a 3 ¼ hour shift will be awarded 3 hours. This is based on the time commitment listed on the sign-up sheet. For instance, students who sign up for a 4-hour shift at Wesley but only work 3 hours, will still receive 4 CHIP hours.

Hours are awarded for set-up and clean-up time, but not for travel time.

All students attending the individual program orientation sessions will receive CHIP hours for the duration of the orientation session, including program leaders.

Officers can and should award hours to themselves when participating in their own program, i.e. while filling in a shift that someone dropped.

Specific to S.H.O.W. only: hours will be awarded for attendance at official committee meetings and 5 hours for serving as a committee member. Hours are not granted for time spent in preparation for committee meetings.

Hours must be awarded to individual volunteers by the student leader (via the google doc) within one month of the volunteer activity.

The following activities are NOT eligible for CHIP credit:

Travel time to the volunteer site.

Outside preparation time, i.e. studying the power points that will be presented at an educational event

Officer/program meetings (except S.H.O.W. Committee meetings)