FAQs: Policies and Starting new programs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how many hours I've completed?

Click here to see your CHIP hours. For all CHIP events in which you participate please keep a personal log of the dates, names of events, and the hours earned.

My hours listed online are incorrect. What should I do?

Please wait 30 days since the date when you volunteered. If it has been more than 30 days, please contact the CHIP leader for the respective program. If the issue persists, please email us at chip@uacomps.org.

Can I start a new program?

Yes, students are encouraged to start new programs. Here is a list of steps to start your own program.

  1. Identify a community need: Dr. Briney can help with this, if needed, as community members often contact her to request services. You can also identify an opportunity in your own community, CCE, rotations, or even as part of your SP.

  2. Identify a plan: What services do you want to provide, how often, what location, who will oversee this activity? All CHIP activities should be available to all students.

  3. Identify the people and supplies that will be instrumental in your program. We need to know where the activity will take place and will need an address/business name/point of contact for the legal forms that will need to be completed prior to participation.

  4. Create learning objectives; this is important as all service learning activities must be linked to the curriculum in some way, and this allows us to do that.

  5. Students will need to submit a form with the above information 1-2 months prior to participation in order to develop an affiliation agreement between UA and the site. Please email all of the information above to Dr. Briney (sbriney@email.arizona.edu).

  6. Once the agreement is in place, we can start allowing students to participate. The new program leader should plan an orientation for student volunteers: meeting, online material, email, or phone call. The CHIP student leaders will send the new leaders all necessary onboarding information.

Please contact the Director of Service Learning, Dr. Stephanie Briney (sbriney@email.arizona.edu) for more information.

Will I be docked hours if I do not show up for the shift I sign-up for?

Many programs are run solely by students and therefore rely on your attendance! Absence policies are unique to each of the programs, so check the specific program's webpage or contact the program leader to see if you will be docked hours. If there is an emergency, please contact your program leader to let them know you won't be there. You should not be docked points for emergency situations.

Can I earn credits through Service Learning that apply to graduation?

The Certificate of Distinction In Service and Community Health is a four year elective program which, if completed, will lead to a certificate of distinction (COD) and will be listed on the student’s transcript. Any student may apply and there will be no limit to the number of students accepted. Any student who participates but does not complete all the criteria, will still reap the benefits of volunteering, but will not be awarded the COD. There will be no penalty for not completing the criteria. Students who do not apply for this program may still volunteer in any of the CHIP activities, and may attend any of the associated educational seminars. Students will complete a minimum of 180 service hours through approved service learning (CHIP) programs over four years.

More information about the COD can be found here

Can I drive people (mentees or patients) around for my program?

We highly recommend AGAINST driving people around for any Service Learning activity as this is not covered by the school's malpractice insurance.

I would like to do a Scholarly Project with a Community Service focus. Where do I start?

Students are encouraged to incorporate SP and CHIP, and many students have done so in the past. You can start by looking through the archives of previous Scholarly Projects and contacting the students and/or mentors of the relevant projects. You may also approach potential mentors in the CHIP programs in which you participate. Contact the Scholarly Project Director for further guidance.

How do I access my Immunization Record?

Go to: http://www.health.arizona.edu/main.htm

Click on "Appointments/Patient Log-In" located near the bottom

Then click "Click to Access PatientLink"

You should be able to Log-In using your UA Net ID

Immunizations are located in the left-hand column