Crews'n Healthmobile

Program Overview

On the Crews’n Healthmobile you will be assisting the on-board medical team in delivering healthcare to an extremely vulnerable population. The Healthmobile caters to homeless youth, located either in homeless shelters without medical facilities or out on the street. The clinic was started by Dr. Randy Christensen, who wrote a book about his experience starting the clinic (Ask Me Why I Hurt: The Kids Nobody Wants and the Doctor Who Heals Them).

The clinic-on-wheels is led by Dr. Sarah Beaumont, and is staffed with medical practitioners, nurses, and case managers from Phoenix Children's Hospital. Services include the full spectrum of a "medical home," such as:

  • Full examinations and well-child care

  • Immunizations

  • Dispensing of medications

  • Treatment of STIs

  • Minor surgical procedures

  • Health education

  • Referrals to sub-specialists if needed

  • Counseling

Important Note: In order to volunteer, students must obtain a Phoenix Children's Hospital ID Badge. To obtain one, please contact Joseph Neely ( or Steven Allen at Phoenix Children’s Hospital by calling him at (602)933-0778 or emailing at

Students participate by either shadowing Pediatricians or Pediatric/Med-Peds residents at many different sites - both mobile and permanent. Students typically shadow for 3-4 hours per session. There is no required orientation for this program.

Health Centers

Please visit the monthly CHIP Calendar to schedule time at any of these health centers.

What do I need to wear to the clinic?

For clinic, please wear business casual and bring stethoscope. No white coat. Please wear PCH medical student ID and closed-toe shoes at all times.

What if I need to cancel a shift?

If you are unable to attend a shift you signed up for, please remove yourself from the Sign up Sheet (see above link). Please remove yourself as soon as possible so others may sign up. It reflects poorly on CHIP students if the health center is expecting a student who does not attend their shift. Please remember that if you sign up for a shift and neglect to cancel or find someone to take your place at least 24 hours in advance, you will be docked that number of hours.

Shift Schedule contact: Jennifer Farabaugh -

Physician contact: Dr. Sarah Beaumont -

Learning Objectives

1. Comprehend the cultural, financial and social influences on health care in a pediatric clinic.

2. Students will observe history taking and physical exam on the pediatric patient and may assist to the extent that the daily staff allows.

3. Practice and perfect the knowledge and skills obtained in the Doctoring curriculum while providing respectful and effective patient care.

4. Appreciate the variety of interview and exam techniques required in working with at-risk youth and adolescents.

5. Appreciate the privilege and necessity to represent themselves and our institution in a professional, respectful manner.