Hospice of the Valley (HOV)

Hospice of the Valley (HOV) is a non-profit organization in the Phoenix Area focused on providing Comfort and Dignity through terminal illness and end of life.

After completing the HOV Training Program, students are able to volunteer in one of two ways:

-One is for Ryan House, a center in Downtown Phoenix focused on caring for terminally ill children and providing respite care for families of children with serious illnesses. This is the first center of its kind in the entire US and volunteers will be taking part in a number of activities including: spending time with the kids, playing video and board games, baking goods, helping the staff, cleaning, reading to the kids, playing music (if you can), and watching Disney movies!

See more here: https://www.ryanhouse.org/our-home/

-The other is at Gardiner Home. This is a care facility in Downtown Phoenix for families struggling to care for adults with dementia. It is a unique place that focuses on nurturing adults with dementia (and their caregivers) in unique ways with music and arts and a peaceful/homey environment!

See more here: https://www.hov.org/locations/gardiner-home/

Both are wonderful programs and a great way to get involved in the local community.


Dara Farhadi (darafarhadi@email.arizona.edu)

Julie Tran (julietran@email.arizona.edu)

Email Dara or Julie with any questions about the HOV CHIP Program.

Past Leaders:

Chris Bean (CHIP Founder)

Jenna Koblinski

Nicole Segaline