UA Primary Prevention Mobile Health Unit - Juntos por la Salud "Together for Health"


Program Overview

In 2016, the University of Arizona - Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and the U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission launched an initiative to improve health promotion and educational services, for underserved and underinsured Hispanic/Latino residents across Maricopa County. Through a dynamic interprofessional healthcare team of UA students (i.e., Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc.) and respective faculty from an array of disciplines, students actively engage in a collaborative learning environment, to confront chronic health disparities and achieve health equality for medically at-risk populations.

The UA Primary Prevention Mobile Health Unit, provides free preventive health screening assessments (i.e, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin A1c, etc.) for individuals who normally would not seek medical attention, referrals to Federally Qualified Health Centers (i.e, Wesley Community & Health Center, Neighborhood Outreach Access to Health, etc), health education and pharmacy benefit saving program resources. Furthermore, the Mobile Health Unit provides additional services such as; HIV/Hep-C screening, Skin Cancer screening and flu vaccination through our affiliated healthcare partners (i.e., Native Health, Mayo Clinic, Walgreens Pharmacy, etc.) when available.

Dr. Cecilia Rosales

Associate Dean & Professor

Principal Investigator

Dr. Eduardo Gonzalez

Assistant Professor

Program Manager


Alma Ramirez

Health Education & Promotion Professional


The College of Public health strongly believes through public health outreach/interventions within the community and advocacy of health policies at the legislative level, only then can health equality be achieved. However, change begins with passionate students who want to make an impact in the community today for a healthier future tomorrow.

The Mobile Health Unit focuses on screening for – and prevention of – chronic health diseases, which jeopardize the health and wellbeing of individuals, such as the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • HIV/Hep-C
  • Tobacco, Alcohol & Drug abuse
  • Cancer
  • Sexually transmitted infections
  • Mental health
  • And More...

Jeffery Hanna MPH

Health Education & Promotion Professional


Learning Objectives

  • Provide access to health services by targeting key priority issues such as nutrition, obesity, diabetes, reproductive health, child health, mental health, HIV/AIDS, addictions, domestic violence, and access to health services.
  • Identify patients in need of referrals to local clinics, health institutions, or health specialists for further medical care and follow-up on a case-by-case basis.
  • Promote healthy lifestyle choices utilizing culturally and sensitively created materials, fliers, videos, and group presentations and workshops via the mobile unit.
  • Appreciate the complex medical and social issues faced by medically underserved communities in Maricopa/Pinal County.

Dr. Stephanie Briney

Director of Service Learning

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Alina Maria Martinez

MS2 & CHIP Leader

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