Sports Medicine CHIP Program

Program Overview

The Sports Medicine CHIP Program at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix is an outreach program that exists as an extension of the Sports Medicine Interest Group. The Sports Medicine CHIP Program sponsors various events throughout Phoenix.

Some of our past events include:

  • Free sports physicals to local youth athletes (in our Sports Physicals outreach, we partner with local high schools, OrthoArizona, and the AZ Sports Medicine Center)

  • Professional women's tackle football sports physicals

  • Medical assistance at local races and triathlons

  • Medical assistance on the sideline of high school football games

To find out more about upcoming Sports Medicine CHIP Program events, email

There is no orientation required to sign up for an event, but orientation may be provided at the beginning of an event.

Each event is unique, thus the dress code, length of time at each event, and what to bring to each event varies.

The specifics of each event will be emailed to you prior to the event.

Alexxa Wirth

Tyler Vail

Aaron Llanes

2020-2021 Student Leadership

Alexxa Wirth

Tyler Vail

Aaron Llanes

Faculty/Physician Sponsors

Dr. Erik Dean :

Dr. Kam Hunter:

Dr. Tod Sugihara:

Learning Objectives

  • Use interview and physical exam skills obtained from the doctoring course to perform a complete sports physical and/or perform an injury assessment

  • Recognize pathology and use the sports medicine physician to confirm diagnosis

  • Practice communication skills and improve ability to establish rapport with patients

  • Demonstrate presentation skills by presenting interview and physical exam information to the sports medicine physician

  • Understand anatomic or physiologic conditions that can affect or limit participation in athletic activity

  • Recognize how social and financial barriers affect participation in athletic activity and proper follow up care for injuries

  • Understand the prognosis and recuperation of sports related injuries, and appreciate the process of Return-To-Play evaluation

  • Appreciate the sports medicine physician's role within the greater community

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