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About Street Medicine Phoenix

Street Medicine Phoenix is a student-driven interprofessional health care and social justice team established in 2017.

Utilizing a biopsychosocial model of care, we aim to improve the health and well-being of Phoenix’s homeless population by holistically addressing each individual’s goals and needs.

SMP strives to practice goal-negotiated, person-centered care and help every person experiencing homelessness obtain the essentials needed to improve their overall quality of life.

Street Medicine Phoenix would like to thank Street Medicine Detroit, Spartan Street Medicine, Street Medicine Institute for their support in the development of Street Medicine Phoenix.

What is Street Medicine?

Street medicine is not only a national movement; it is a global one. The specific nuances of the nature of care for street people may differ from place to place, but all organizations that practice street medicine act on the foundation of relational patient-centered care that focuses on the goals of the individual and works in an environment of respect, dignity, and acceptance.

Our mission is to ensure access to quality healthcare for Phoenix’s homeless population living and sleeping on the streets.

Our vision is to walk side-by-side with every homeless individual in Phoenix as they strive to overcome personal obstacles and societal stigmas in their pursuit of happiness, well-being, and a home.

Why Volunteer?

1. Apply lecture content to real-world situations

2. Work in an interprofessional team

3. Learn/improve clinical skills

4. Network with students and faculty

5. Gain experience with direct patient interactions

6. Make a difference in the community

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Leadership Team:

Student Leaders:

Abel De Castro - Co-Lead

Sara Yee -


Likith 'Lucky' Surendra -


Maxine Yang -

Co-Lead and Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah Nelson -

Co-Lead and Social Media/


James Fusaro - Quality Improvement

Marissa McLelland - Treasurer/


Bakir Mousa - CHIP Hours/


Katherine Barlow - Data/Research



Robert Fauer, MD

Kareem Raad,



Jeffrey Hanna, MPH MSc

Justin Zeien, MD MPH

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