Foundation for Blind Children

Program Overview

This is the first CHIP program that will allow medical students to work with children and youth with disabilities. Every Saturday from 9am-2pm students from all four classes have the opportunity to work with visually impaired and blind children between the ages of 5-18 in the SHARP program. The Sports, Habilitation, Arts and Recreation Program (SHARP) is a multi-faceted, year-round program that provides training in daily living skills, adaptive sports, assistive technology, computers, social skills and career exploration to these children. SHARP provides blind and visually-impaired children the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood that are sometimes only afforded to their sighted peers. Examples of activities they participate in include dance, bowling, horseback riding, rock climbing, ice-skating, hiking, arts & crafts and much more!

In this CHIP program there are two ways you can volunteer. You can assist the children in the activities they will be learning that day or you can teach them an activity! Only five students will be able to volunteer every Saturday and you must sign up on the signup genius to do so. If you would like to teach an activity you can email the SHARP coordinator Cody Alvarez at Please try to email her 3-4 weeks in advance because that is when she starts making the schedule.

Program Leadership

Student Leader/Primary Contact:

Neil Kelkar, MS2,

Community Mentor: Cody Alvarez,

Learning Objectives

1. Students will serve their community by volunteering to work with visually impaired children and youth.

2. Students will learn how to work with disabled children and youth.

3. Students will learn how to work with blind and visually impaired children and youth by assisting them with activities.

4. Students will learn how to teach visually impaired members of their community a craft or trade.

5. Students will appreciate issues specific to the disabled population.

Details for Class Day and Program Policies

Since it is extremely important for Cody to know in advance how many volunteers she has, you must sign up on the signup genius by Thursday the week you want to volunteer. If you cancel your shift after 5pm on Thursday (for a Saturday shift) you will be penalized 3 hours. You will not be penalized hours if you find a replacement. Please try hard to find a replacement because this program revolves around there being enough volunteers every Saturday. Please send if you cannot find a replacement.

If you have signed up to volunteer please make sure you read through the volunteer manual and fill out the volunteer form. The links for both of these documents can be found below. When you arrive at the center make sure you sign in on the CHIP sign up sheet so your hours can be recorded.

CHIP hours will be recorded within 2 weeks of the volunteer event. Please contact Maya Patel with any questions regarding your hours.

Here is the signup for this month :