Hands for Henna

Program Overview:

  • Mission & Vision:

    • Hands for Henna is a non-profit with a mission is to empower refugee youth through education and mentorship.

    • Our vision is to build a demographic of refugee youth who are inspired by learning, not intimidated by obstacles.

    • Through advocacy, outreach activities, educational workshops, fundraising educational material, and selling henna tattoos our team works tirelessly each day to lift up refugee youth

    • For more information check out the website: Hands for Henna

  • The Hands for Henna CHIP program provides medical students with the opportunity to:

    • Teach refugee youth about science and health education

    • Create and lead their own workshop in something in the science or health education field.

    • Volunteer at First Friday and other fundraising events

    • Advocate for the importance of education for refugee youth.

  • Information on the Workshops

    • 1 workshop every month

    • Date & time vary according to the availability of refugee students (will be communicated 1 month in advance)

    • Each workshop is about 2 hours

    • Workshops are held in locations all over the valley, such as Phoenix & Mesa.

    • Workshops are held in collaboration with other organizations serving refugee youth.

  • Details for Class Days

    • Curriculum: Please preview the powerpoint and agenda for the workshop before coming.

    • Arrival time: Please arrive 15 min early to set up the classroom. Plan on staying for at least 15 minutes after to clean up. You will get CHIP credit for set up/clean up time.

    • Dress: Hands for Henna shirts are available upon request and can be worn to workshops. Wear appropriate, comfortable clothing. Please do not wear anything too revealing.

    • Attendance: If you sign up to teach a workshop, please make every effort to be there.

    • Cancellations: Please let us know ASAP if you are unable to attend. If you inform us before 24 hours no penalty is given. However, cancellation anything less than or equal to 24 hours prior to the event will result in a 2 hour CHIP Hour dock.

How to Get Involved

  • To be added to the mailing list & receive important announcements:

    • Email either Nisha Rehman or Ruoyan Zhu

    • Nisha Rehman: nrehman@email.arizona.edu

    • Ruoyan Zhu: zhur@email.arizona.edu

  • Current Sign-Up Genius

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will serve their community by volunteering to work with refugee youth.

  2. Students will learn how to work with refugee youth.

  3. Students will learn how to teach refugee youth about science and health.

  4. Students will learn how to create lesson plans related to science and health.

  5. Students will appreciate issues specific to the refugee population.