New Hope Teen Pregnancy Program

How to Get Involved

Email Amanda, Megan, or Michelle (contact info below) to be added to the mailing list and receive important announcements

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Attend the training session in January or August

Although attendance at the training is strongly encouraged, students who are unable to attend are still allowed to participate by taking a training course with the NHTPP leaders.

Program Leadership

Program Overview

Through the New Hope Teen Pregnancy Program, medical students at the U of A College of Medicine-Phoenix teach pregnancy and childbirth classes to pregnant teens in Phoenix. Tammalynn Bambulas, Certified Nurse Midwife at Maricopa Medical Center, developed the classes and directs the program. Throughout the four-week session pregnant teens learn many aspects about healthy pregnancy, labor and delivery, and what to expect post-pregnancy. The class schedule is as follows:

Week 1: Healthy Pregnancy, Nutrition and Exercise

Week 2: Labor and Delivery

Week 3: Postpartum, Career Plans, Contraception and Healthy Relationships

Week 4: Breast feeding and Early Baby Care

Each class is typically taught by two medical students. Both male and female medical students are welcome and effective teachers. Although attendance varies, there are typically 3-8 teens in each class. Teens often bring their partner or another support person with them to the class.

Amanda Tjitro

General Coordinator

Feedback From the Teens


I really enjoyed today's class.

You are very nice and a cool teacher.

The teachers did a great job!

It was a good class to have.

I didn't feel judged.

It's very helpful.:)

Good class. :)

Great class!

Megan Sluga

Maricopa Site Coordinator

What Makes This Program Great

True to its name, the New Hope Teen Pregnancy Program brings hope to pregnant teens and their families, friends, and partners.

These teens have reached a critical point. They are making decisions now that will have a significant impact on their lives throughout adulthood. Many are weighing their career options, deciding how much education they will pursue, and developing relationship skills and patterns.

Not only will these decisions impact the teens themselves, they also affect the long-term health and well being of their babies. The choices the teens make now regarding good nutrition and the avoidance of drug and alcohol use during pregnancy have a tremendous potential to help ensure that these children are set up to live healthy lives. When these health-related decisions are combined with decisions that increase the financial stability of these future families, the affect is multiplied even greater and extends to the entire community.

These classes provide teens with knowledge and skills to make the best choices possible. The classes focus not only on the short term, including nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, what to expect as they give birth, and how to keep their newborns safe and healthy, but also the long term, including the qualities of healthy relationships, healthy communication skills, and planning for their education and careers.

Participating COM-PHX students have enjoyed this opportunity to be the extra boost of support a teen may need to make a positive decision, and to feel connected to the broader Phoenix community in a meaningful way.

Learning Objectives

1. Engage teens in an ongoing dialogue that fosters responsible decision-making and resiliency.

2. Encourage pregnant teens to fully participate in their prenatal care & preparations for their coming baby.

3. Equip teens with practical and relational life skills that prepare them for their future.

4. Educate teens using teaching styles that build self-esteem and are developmentally appropriate.

5. Enhance the quality of life for adolescents by using an interdisciplinary approach to provide comprehensive care and resources.

Details for Class Days

  • Curriculum: Please bring the booklet you received during training.
  • Arrival time: Please arrive 30 min early to set up the classroom. Plan on staying for at least 30 minutes after to clean up. You will get CHIP credit for set up/clean up time.
  • Dress: You will need to be able to demonstrate various exercises and positions that include leaning over and getting down on the floor. Please wear your school ID badge. Please do not wear shorts, jeans, or low cut tops.
  • Attendance: If you sign up to teach a class, please make every effort to be there. If medical students who sign up for the class don't show up to teach, the girls who come for the class have to be sent home.
  • Cancellations:
    • More than 5 days in advance: You can remove your name from the signup sheet without being penalized.
    • Within 5 days of the class date: You are required to find a substitute for your shift. After finding a substitute, please be sure that her or his name replaces yours on the sign up sheet so that it reflects who actually taught the class. If you don't find a substitute, you will be docked 3 CHIP hours.
    • If an emergency occurs the day of class, please contact the respective site leader or Catherine Hermann. Hours will not be docked for legitimate emergencies.

Michelle Arnold

Maryvale Site Coordinator

Tammalynn Bambulas, CNM

Program Director