Night at the Children's Museum

The Children's Museum of Phoenix's mission is "to engage the minds, muscles and imaginations of children and the grown-ups who care about them."

Program Overview

The partnership between the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix and the Children's Museum of Phoenix has allowed us to create an educational, family-oriented events. On the first Friday of each month, we provide fun and interactive ways for kids to explore the basic anatomy and physiology of the human body, including the cardiovascular, pulmonary, neurology, and musculoskeletal systems. Some of these fun activities include tracing simple nerve routes to and from the brain, learning how the brain and eyes work together when our vision changes, identifying organs and where they belong on a large model, and discussing how the heart is the most efficient pump in our bodies.

Volunteer Information

Location: 215 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Time: Our table is open from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. However, volunteers should arrive by 4:45pm to help set up and become familiar with the activities.

CHIP Credit: Students will receive 3 CHIP hours per session.

What to wear: UACOM-P shirt, jeans, and your UACOM-P badge.

AY 2020 CHIP Leader

Briana Corkill



Hello! My name is Briana and I am a current MS1 at UACOM-P. I am a Tucson native and graduated from Grand Canyon University with a B.S. in Biology. Being the leader of Night at the Children's Museum has been an incredible experience. I love engaging with kids from diverse backgrounds in fun STEM activities and it is one of my favorite ways to connect with our local community. We would love for you to join us for fun activities, including visual impairment goggles, pin the organs on the person, and listening to heart sounds!

Previous Program Leadership


Tijana Nikolich-Zugich

Natasha Makarova

Nikki Yee

Taylor Jenkins

Learning Objectives:

1. Convey basic human anatomy and physiology in interesting and age-appropriate language to the kids and families attending First Fridays at the Children's Museum of Phoenix.

2. Utilize and expand communication skills needed in order to connect with kids aged 3-18 and their families and friends.

3. Represent the College of Medicine as ambassadors for the school while helping foster the partnership with the Children's Museum of Phoenix.

4. Collect and integrate feedback from medical students, participants, and their families during each event.

5. Participate in the development of hands-on activities and games to teach children about the structure and function of the human body.