Student Health Outreach Team (S.H.O.T.)

Learning Objectives

  • Design program lectures and facilitate hands-on activities to encourage and inspire high school students to explore their interest in becoming physicians

  • Expose students to a variety of medical specialties

  • Provide information and mentorship to students regarding the educational journey, career options, and specialty lifestyles within the field of medicine

  • Educate students on health disparities within the state of Arizona, as well as the state's increasing need for physicians

Program Overview

The Student Health Outreach Team (S.H.O.T.) exists to assist the Office of Admissions and Recruitment's strategic outreach efforts through pipeline programs for K-12 students. S.H.O.T. members will facilitate age-appropriate activities (on and off campus) designed to stimulate curiosity and continued interest in the human body as a way to encourage students to learn and remain passionate about a future in medicine. Activities vary depending on the event, but in the past have included infectious disease control, cardiovascular health, simulations, CPR, healthy living, mental wellness, and more. To complement the activities, valuable information about career options, medical specialty lifestyles, the educational journey, and other topics will be discussed.

Specifically, S.H.O.T. runs Saturday Scrubs, a free program designed to encourage and inspire Arizona high school students to explore their existing interest in becoming a physician. Each Saturday Scrubs event is intended to introduce participants to a variety of topics related to medicine and the human body. Each session will include lectures by medical professionals and hands-on activities. Past events have included suturing, SIM center activities, doctoring scenarios, case-based instruction, and anatomy dissections.

Medical Student Volunteers

As S.H.O.T. and Saturday Scrubs volunteers, medical students at UA COM-PHX mentor local K-12 students and show them what a career in the medical field entails. Volunteers assist with various program lectures and interactive activities.

Saturday Scrubs 2020 Dates

January 18th

February 15th

March 21st

April 18th

May 16th

Student Leaders

Maggie Donovan (

Allen Yu ( )

Jeff Wellard (

Staff Leader

Chip Young, Coordinator, Pipeline Initiatives

Office of Admissions and Recruitment