Serving Those Who Served

Program Overview

Serving Those Who Served is a CHIP opportunity committed to supporting organizations that provide necessary aid to needy veterans in Maricopa County. This service can manifest in direct support, medical support or collaterally assisting veterans service organizations. Most of all, this CHIP program aims to educate medical students and physicians to the unique barriers veterans face and what services are available to help them.


AZ Veterans StandDown 2019

Program Leader:

Patrick Sarette

Faculty Advisor:

Erin M. Nelson, Psy.D.


1. Students will contribute to the community by aiding veteran service organizations throughout Maricopa County.

2. Students will appreciate the complex social and political needs of veterans in the USA.

3. Students will recognize the different classes of military discharge and how each discharge may relate to Veterans Affairs benefit eligibility.

4. Students will gain awareness of the highest risk medical problems that affect Veterans.

5. Students will understand the differences between Veterans Affairs services and non-profits that serve veterans.

6. Students will work with veterans service organizations to promote health awareness and access to resources for veterans throughout Maricopa county.

7. Students will recognize the similarities and differences between veterans of OEF/OIF, Vietnam era, Korea, and others.

8. Students will demonstrate that the University of Arizona COM-Phoenix is committed to improving the lives of those who served their country.