Wesley Student-Led Diabetes Initiative

Wesley Diabetes Class (2 volunteer spots available weekly, and 2 student leadership positions)

Volunteers will assist with teaching at the 1 hour diabetes class on Thursday nights at Wesley Clinic by presenting a premade short educational presentation addressing various diabetes topics. Classes are in Spanish; students who volunteer are expected to have some Spanish proficiency. Students at lower levels of proficiency are welcome to observe the class, assist with data entry, documentation, quizzes, attendance, and possibly help develop the curriculum. A full job description is available below. You can signup using the regular CHIP email signup. For more information contact Student Leader Jovanna Figueroa at jmfigue3@email.arizona.edu or Faculty Leader Kareem Raad at kareemraad@gmail.com. CHIP: 1 hr/class attended.

Student-Led Longitudinal Diabetes Intervention (10 volunteer spots available every 3 months, and 2 student leadership positions available)

Volunteers will help diabetic patients at Wesley to better manage their chronic disease. Volunteers will be paired with a patient for 3 months, calling once a week to assist with diabetes care and education. Students will help patients address barriers to blood sugar control through motivational interviewing and advocacy to overcome any social determinants that are barriers to obtaining care. A full job description is available below. To volunteer contact Student Leaders Catherine Ingbar and Jeremy Winkelman at cingbar@email.arizona.edu or Faculty Leader Kareem Raad at kareemraad@gmail.com.

Quality Improvement Student Leader (3 student leadership positions available)

Volunteer can sign up to support either of the above programs to work with those teams to help determine what metrics will define success in their respective programs, collect data on whether the program is achieving that success, and supporting the team to make improvements based on the data. You can also engage in this activity to do quality improvement to support regular CHIP clinic nights with Dr. Raad and Dr. Anderson by working on projects like improving screening rates for our patients, decreasing clinic wait times, and otherwise improving the care Wesley CHIP nights provide. You will have the opportunity to be mentored by the quality improvement specialist at Wesley Clinic, Lisa Carranza. A full job description is available below. To volunteer contact Faculty Leader Kareem Raad at kareemraad@gmail.com.

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