Wesley Tutoring

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Program Overview


The Wesley Tutoring program takes place in the Wesley Community Center, which is adjacent to the Wesley Clinic. Medical students tutor children in elementary school (K-5th grade), helping with reading, writing, and math skills. These children come from very low income families and greatly look forward to working with tutors.

Before starting, volunteers must attend a brief orientation which will cover ground rules and expectations.


  • It’s amazing what kids can get excited about if you’re excited. Always be positive and motivational, and provide feedback that is specific

  • Discourage complaining and distraction

  • Don’t be afraid to assert reasonable authority

  • Attention spans are very limited, so you may have to come up with creative ways to keep the kids engaged

  • Test understanding. Have them explain back to you and ask them questions about what they've learned

  • Do not do their work for them, this will not help them learn

  • Tackle what’s realistic for the kid and the time frame

  • Do not let bad behavior slide. We are not just there as tutors

  • Be consistent

  • It is perfectly okay to work with the same student frequently

  • Keeping 1-2 kids to a table is really helpful


  • Program Director and Afterschool Program Coordinator: Josh Daniels (jdaniels@wccphx.net)

  • Stay off your cell phone around the kids

  • Dress appropriately. Casual clothing is acceptable. Look presentable - no revealing clothing, etc.

  • Never be in a room alone with a kid

  • Never let kids sit on your lap; hugs are okay at the shoulders, not the waist

  • Sign in/out into UofA Binder in the front desk with each visit

  • If a child is not respecting you, other kids, or the tutoring space, report immediately to the program director

  • Report any mention of abuse or violence directly to Johnny IMMEDIATELY

  • If you have an emergency and can’t attend Wesley, you must e-mail the program leader Jeffrey Wang (nakhaie@email.arizona.edu) ASAP. Otherwise, you must provide a 24 hour cancellation notice to prevent being docked CHIP hours


  • The front desk will tell you where you need to go. Please arrive a few minutes early (just on the first day!)

  • Bring a copy of your fingerprint clearance card, government-issued ID (eg license, passport), and UofA ID

  • Make sure the front desk shows you where the volunteer UofA sign in sheet is


Address Location #1:

Golden Gate Community Center - 1625 North 39th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85009

Hours Location #1:

Monday - Wednesday 2:45-6:00 pm, Thursday 1:00-6:00 pm, Friday 1:30-6:00 pm.

Address Location #2:

Wesley Community Center - 1300 S 10th Street Phoenix, AZ 85041

Hours Location #2:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 3:00-6:00 pm, and Wednesday 1:00-6:00 pm.


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Learning Objectives

  1. To enrich the learning of underserved K-8th grade students with one-on-one tutoring through the Wesley Afterschool Program

  2. To provide positive interactions between underserved youth and medical students, in order to enrich both medical students' understanding of the lives of these children as well as to expose the children to careers in medicine early on

  3. To enhance the teaching skills of medical students, as they will be teachers of some form in their profession

Program Leadership

Amir Kaboodrangi, MS