Peer to Peer Learning

Peer tutoring program provides an opportunity for students to enhance their learning experiences with free group and private tutoring. Tutors have demonstrated a thorough comprehension of the material and the ability to facilitate learning.

Tutoring is available for all blocks and courses and provides students:

  • Access to high yield study materials

  • Practice USMLE style questions

  • Special exam reviews

  • Step 1 & 2 active learning workshops

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are also offered for Molecular Basis of Life and Disease (MBLD) and Cardiovascular-Hematology (CVH) blocks. SI Leaders are peer facilitators (tutors) that hold regularly scheduled review sessions. In SI, students engage in activities that reinforce content understanding through practice and application with other students. Research suggest that attending a 1 hour of SI is roughly the equivalent of studying 2.5 hours alone. In addition, national data demonstrates regular SI attendance improves a student’s final course grade.

Tutoring Calendar found here.

Interested in becoming a tutor?


  • A sense of pride and accomplishment from supporting others in their learning

  • Increased mastery of content skills (great Step 1 Prep)

  • Development of interpersonal skills

  • Excellent opportunity for professional development and teaching experience

  • Paid position and paid training ($15.00 - $17.00/hour)

Tutor positions

  • MS1 Blocks

  • MS2 Blocks

  • Clinical Anatomy Blocks (COM-P and NAU)

  • Step 1 and Step 2

Academic qualifications

  • Block scores of 75% or better in all academic coursework

  • Level 2 or better in all behavioral competency areas

  • Knowledge of basic academic skills application and the ability to demonstrate the successful application of various academic skills

  • Ability to work independently applying critical thinking skills and problem solving to various situations

Position descriptions

Application process

* Be sure to submit a Cover Letter (explaining your interest, related experiences, etc.) to Zac along with your CV.

Questions about becoming a tutor?

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