Login Instructions

All students have access through their email.arizona.edu accounts.

Click the Login button above.

The easist method is to log in to catmail first or use your personal gmail account.

Once you have logged in to catmail (or any other google service), your browser will often keep you logged in.

How to login with your email.arizona.edu account:

  1. Click the Login button
  2. Type in yourID@email.arizona.edu as the user ID on the Google sign in page.
  3. Leave the password blank and click Sign In
  4. It will bring up the official UA sign in page
  5. Enter your UA password and sign in

If you stay logged in, the login link will work without having to go through this process.

If you have multiple sign ins (e.g. google and email.arizona.edu) it will ask you which to utilize.

Direct Link Issue

  1. If you click a direct link from an e-mail and you are not signed in already, it will bring up the UACOMPS.org sign in page.
  2. Do not login on this page. Enter your address at the bottom left and follow the instructions above

If you would like to have access through your personal gmail account, please make a request using the form below.