Jewish Medical Student Association (JMSA)

What is better than Bubby's Matzo Ball Soup? Who has the prettiest shayna punim? What is gefilte fish REALLY made of?

Do you need guidance navigating the (Arizona) desert? Do you want to know the answers to the questions above?

If you answered โ€œOy Vey!โ€ to one of these questions, MAZEL TOV!

Come join Our JMSA mishpacha and schmooze with your fellow Jews.

Jewish, Jew-ISH, and all other faiths are welcome!

Club Mission Statement:

The Jewish Medical Student Association at the University of Arizona College of Medicine- Phoenix. We hope to bring the Jewish student population together with the local community through community service, as well as cultural and social events. Though one of our chief goals is to foster a Jewish community at the University of Arizona College of Medicine- Phoenix, we encourage people of any faith to take part in our organization.

Club Activities 2016:

May 2016- Passover Seder

October 2016- Challah Bake

Club Leadership:

Co-Presidents: Sarah Javaherifar (MS2),

Eyal Ron (MS2),

Daniel Salevitz (MS2),

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Howard D. Silverman, MD, MS,

November 2016- Faith in Medicine: Tri-Faith Physician Panel

December 2016- Annual Chanukah/Hanukkah/Hanukah Party