Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)

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EMIG Mission:

The Emergency Medicine Interest Group is dedicated to the education and exposure of our campus to topics related to emergency medicine.

Club Leadership

Melanie Schroeder, MS1


Allen Doan, MS1


Patrick Sarette, MS1


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Eric Katz, Department Chair of Maricopa Emergency Medicine Residency

Club Events and Activities 2018-2019

1/24/19: "Why EM?"

Dr. Bradley Butler, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine Phoenix and

Faculty Member at Maricopa Medical Center Emergency Medicine Residency, will be speaking on why he went into Emergency Medicine, as well as the experiences and career paths students interested in EM can expect.

8/6/18: "PEDS-EM: What the specialty looks like"

Dr. Aaron Leetch, Assistant Professor and Director of the Combined EM & Peds Residency at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine- Tucson, will be speak on what a career in Pediatric Emergency Medicine can look like and inform us on the paths to being a physician in the specialty.

Coming Soon:

MedWAR Fall 2018

Photos from Airway Night 2017:

Airway Night 4/10/2017

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