Past Activities 2017

Lunch Talks

February 16, 2017: "Venomous Bites and Stings" with Dr. Dan Quan

We learned about the management and treatment of envenomation by rattlesnake and spider bites, as well as scorpion stings, from Dr. Dan Quan, founding member of Toxicology Consultants of Arizona. The Phoenix Herpetological Society brought rattlesnakes, scorpions, tarantulas, and gila monsters to campus for educational demonstrations.

TBD: EM Residency Dinner Talk: Dr. Katz

TBD: "Why EM?": Dr. Brad Butler

Simulation Events

April 10, 2017: Airway Night with Dr. Ross Rodgers - 5:00p-8:00p

Airway Night 4/10/2017

10/21: MedWAR: Medical Wilderness Adventure Race (in coordination with Wilderness Medicine Interest Group)

TBD: Code Night (in coordination with Simulation and Advanced Medical Technologies Interest Group)