Geriatrics Interest Group (GIG)

Our Mission

In addition to following the guidelines set forth by the American Geriatrics Society Students, our chapter aims to organize campus-wide activities across medical, physical therapy and physician assistant health professions programs. Our focus will be on education and service in the context of interdisciplinary, evolving care. Representatives from each discipline will be encouraged to combine proposed activities that can benefit the community while encouraging widespread involvement.

Past Events

A Cultural Perspective on Aging - Fall 2016

Healthy Aging: Its not an Oxymoron - Fall 2016

"How to Live Forever" Movie Screening - Spring 2016

Physician's Personal Perspectives on Aging - August 2016

Medical Equipment for Older Adults - September 2016

Club Leadership 2016-2017

Chris Bean-

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Georgia Hall, PhD, MPH

Director, Gerontology, Geriatrics

Associate Professor

Family, Community and Preventive Medicine

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American Geriatrics Society:

Medical Students Training in Aging Research