Integrative and Preventive Medicine Interest Group (IPMIG)

Integrative and Preventive Medicine Interest Group

Mission Statement:

The Integrative and Preventive Medicine Interest Group aims to enhance medical students’ understanding of how to integrate evidence based complementary and alternative therapies and lifestyle modifications into medical practice. Fundamental knowledge in these areas are essential for a physician to take part in the prevention and treatment of many diseases, and to promote overall health of their patients.

Club Leadership

Current Leaders

Melanie Schroeder,

Belle Keni Lin,

Monica Sadhu,

Jessica Callan,

Past Leaders

Kaitlyn Simmons,

Pareena Kaur,

Rose Kaur,

Zubair Ahmed,

Jocelyn Di Nolfi,

Lexi Tatem,

Jessie Koljonen,

Nuria Sisterna,

Mia Wright,

Arianna Cook,

Abeer Mousa,

Aishan Shi,

Meghan Hicks,

Nechama Sonenthal,

Lauren Cole,

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD, MPH


~ Every Wednesday: Yoga

Past Events:

~ Fall 2018: Midwives in Medicine Lunch Talk

Dietitian Lunch Talk

~ Fall 2017: Acupuncture Lecture with Dr. Cartsonis

~ April 13, 2016: Integrative Medicine Talk with Dr. Weil & Dr. Maizes in Tucson

~ April 27, 2016: IPMIG Introductory Lunch Talk with Dr. Farshad Fani Marvasti

~ Wellness Week: Fall 2016