Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSURG)

Club Leadership

2020 Leaders:

Jubran Jubran -

Ann Staudinger Knoll -

Michele Wang -

Jeffrey Wellard -

Mission Statement

The Neurosurgery Interest Group (NSURG) aims to introduce and familiarize students with the specialty of neurological surgery, in order to promote interest in this unique career path. By means of networking events with neurosurgical residents, we intend to educate students on the path to residency and expose students to the realities of neurosurgery both during and after residency. Through additional events, including brain awareness week and simulation events, we provide opportunities for students to integrate their ongoing medical education into hands-on experiences, that aim to enhance clinical decision-making skills and their ability to diagnose and treat neurological cases.

The NSURG interest group is open to all students interested in or exploring the possibility of a neurosurgical career as well as anyone simply interested in enriching their neurosurgical knowledge.

Club Activities 2020-2021

Connect2STEM - January 25th

Journal Club Meeting - February 20th

Brain Awareness Week - March 16th -20th

SIM center event with cases and procedures -April 9th

A way for students to practice their clinical decision-making skills and test their ability to diagnosis and treat neurological cases.

Lunch with current BNI residents or faculty - May

A way for students to become exposed to the realities of neurological surgery and learn about life during and after residency.

Many of these events will be hosted alongside the UACOM-P's Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN)

Faculty Advisors:

Nader Sanai, MD | Barrows Neurological Institute

Neurosurgical Oncologist

Associated Websites

AANS (American Association for Neurological Surgeons)

CNS (Congress of Neurological Surgeons

The Neurosurgical Atlas