Psychiatry Interest Group (Psych IG)

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Psychiatry Interest Group at the University of Arizona College of Medicine โ€“ Phoenix is to expose students to the field of psychiatry. In working to accomplish this goal, we will hold events including lunch presentations on psychiatric topics and discussion panels featuring physicians and mental health professionals. We also aim to increase awareness of the importance of psychological aspects in many non-psychiatric illnesses through interactive movie screenings and volunteer activities.

Club Leadership

Julia Ghering, MS1,

Sarah Pfiztner, MS1,

Robert Yang, MS1,

Faculty Co-Advisors:

James B. McLoone, MD, Chair Dept of Psychiatry,

Amelia Gallitano, MD PhD,

Ronald Hammer, PhD,

Club Activities


Check back soon for more event info!


Fall Lunch Talk (October 29th): Psychiatry Careers Panel - Q&A session with clinicians practicing in different areas within Psychiatry revolving around their training and experiences as a practicing psychiatrist.

Associated Websites

Spring Lunch Talk (April 23rd): PTSD Panel - Q&A session with researchers and clinicians regarding their work and experiences with treating and investigating PTSD, held in junction with the Military Medicine & Veterans' Association Interest Group.


September lunch talk: Intro to Psychiatry: Question and answer session with community psychiatrists (within different psychiatric subspecialties) introducing what they do and what interested them in the field.

November lunch talk: Reducing the Stigma of Psychiatry: We will have psychiatry residents come speak about how they handled the "stigma" associated with psychiatry and why they decided to pursue psychiatry despite the hurdles associated with it. We also hope to to get their ideas on how we as medical students can help eliminate this stigma.


The Psych IG will host a lunch talk with a psychiatrist from our community where students will have the opportunity to learn about his path to psychiatry and his overall experience in his interaction with patients. April 2016.


Our first event will be a movie documentary screening to increase awareness of psychiatry and its role in a patient's life. The club partnered with the Arizona Child Psychiatry Association to attend meetings with residents and physicians. We also included volunteer activities in mental health for medical students.

Lunch talks with local psychiatrists were hosted to help students explore the speciality.

We have also volunteered for career day with the Arizona Autism Charter School. We interacted with the kids to show them what a visit with a doctor could be like as to help desensitize them to the experience.