Wellness Teams (Big Sib Program)

Big Sibs

The Wellness Program MS2 Leaders (Big Sibs) serve as a body of peer mentors to which students of all classes can ask questions about medical school and life as a medical student. Big Sibs are second-year students who play an integral role in welcoming incoming classes and supporting their little sibs (first-year students) through the daily challenges of the program. They provide a critical resource to new students as they are more likely to ask a peer than a staff or faculty member. Big Sibs also act as a liaison between their team and the physician mentor to plan and host activities related to the concepts of wellness.

Physician Mentors

There is one physician assigned to each Wellness Team. These physicians, from a variety of different specialty areas, generously volunteer their time to mentor and participate in activities with their group of students. Doctors were solicited based on their relationship with one or more of our faculty members or deans and chosen based on their desire to give back to their community, genuine care and compassion for medical students, positive attitude and enthusiasm for the program. All mentors have a faculty appointment at the college in support of the program.

Wellness Teams

In their first year, new students are assigned to Wellness Teams consisting of 8-9 students in their class. These teams also include the students from previous years (Big Sibs) and the assigned physician mentors. Teams are encouraged to participate in group activities outside of school and in organized events (e.g. Wellness Olympics, Fall Fest).