Community Health Initiative - Phoenix (CHIP)

The Community Health Initiative-Phoenix is a student developed and directed Service Learning program at UA College of Medicine- Phoenix. The initiative is comprised of various opportunities that allow medical students to serve the community through provision of clinical care, health education and mentoring. The opportunities available focus primarily on medically uninsured and underserved populations.

The Community Health Initiative-Phoenix formerly operated under Commitment to Underserved People (CUP), founded at UA College of Medicine-Tucson in 1979. The program was recently updated to expand programs, which more adequately meet the needs of the Phoenix community.

To learn more about the different active CHIP programs and how to get involved, please visit the CHIP Hub (link below).

CHIP Leader

Jessmin Fernandez

CHIP Leader

Christian Sulit

Director of Service Learning: Dr. Stephanie Briney,

"I was born and raised in Montana and attended Montana State University where I studied business management. I moved to Phoenix for medical school and later completed my training at Banner Good Samaritan Family Medicine Residency. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our community through my role as the director of Service Learning and as a clinician at the NOAH-BEACH clinic. I fell in love with caring for underserved and minority patients during residency, and have been working in FQHC’s since. I love teaching and am privileged to work with such dedicated, compassionate, and inspirational students as we have at UACOM-Phoenix."

Academic Assistant Director of Service Learning: Dr. Kareem Raad,

"I was born in California and raised in both California and Lebanon. I attended Santa Clara University where I studied biology and philosophy and later did an MPH at UC Berkeley. I moved back to Lebanon for medical school and Phoenix for my residency at Abrazo Health Network Family Medicine Residency. I spent time living and working in Guatemala and Chiapas and learned Spanish there. Eventually I would like to move back to a developing country to provide primary care, in the meantime I enjoy volunteering alongside you in support of our community."

Program Manager, Clinical and Competency Based Education: Evelia McClarty,