Pathology Interest Group

Our goals as an interest group are to help medical students explore the field of pathology, provide opportunities for pathology education at UACOM-P, and assist members in becoming competitive candidates for pathology residency.

Feel free to contact us for information about upcoming activities, exploring pathology, or getting involved! We love having visitors attend our events!

Current 2024 Leadership:

Jacob Shaner, Class of 2025

Katherine Forsberg, Class of 2026

Sarah Weiss, Class of 2027


Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Neha Dahiya

Past Events:

STEP 1 Histopathology Review Sessions, with Dr. Dahiya

Phoenix Children's Hospital Pathology Lab Tour, with Dr. Schadernak

UACOM-P Pathology Department Faculty Meeting with Student Attendance, with Dr. Zhao

Lunch Seminars:

Previous Leadership:

Started by Savanah Gisriel, Class of 2019

2021 - Angela Hu, Class of 2024


Web Resources on Pathology:

AAMC Pathology Specialty Profile:

AMA Pathology Specialty Background:

College of American Pathologists (CAP) Resources:

CAP Intro to Pathology Slide Deck:

American Society of Clinical Pathology Resource:

Association of Pathology Chairs Opportunities: