Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

Welcome to the Wilderness Medicine Interest Group (WMIG)

WMIG Mission:

The Wilderness Medicine Interest Group seeks to help prepare students with recognition, treatment, and management of injuries and ailments commonly seen in an outdoor setting. Furthermore, this interest group will focus on key elements of providing care in remote wilderness settings, such as critical thinking, ingenuity, and adaptability.

Club Leadership

Harrison Feerst


Michelle Devlin


Faculty Advisor 

Dr. Geoff Comp

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Club Events and Activities

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"Medical Wilderness Adventure Race" is an event in which simulated scenarios must be solved by teams of students.  These scenarios mimic what might be encountered in an austere environment with limited medical supplies.  Teams must think on their toes and work together to provide appropriate care.  Each station is timed and the team that had the most positive outcome at each station wins a prize.  This event will be a fun, educational, hands-on way for students to learn improvisation, as well as handy techniques to treat "in the wild".

Photos from MedWAR 2016:

MedWAR EMIG/WMIG 10/1/16