Sports Medicine Interest Group (SMIG)

What do we do?

The Sports Medicine Interest Group at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix educates on the sports medicine sub-specialty in both primary care and orthopedic settings. Our club supports events throughout the year, including free sports physicals to local youth athletes, shadowing primary care physicians at high school football games, and assisting with event coverage at a number of Phoenix-area races and triathlons. These events provide excellent opportunities to practice interview and physical exam skills with patients of all ages. We hope to provide opportunities for students to learn about the cause, diagnosis, and treatment of sports-related injuries and the ways in which these injuries can be prevented. Our club also sponsors on-campus discussions and simulations given by sports medicine practitioners throughout the year. CHIP credit is offered to students who volunteer at specific Sports Medicine CHIP Program events in the community (see the "Sports Medicine CHIP Program" page).

Who can participate in our events?

Any medical students at the University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix can participate in the events we sponsor. There is no orientation required to participate, but first-year medical students may not participate in certain events (such as physical exams) until after Clinical Skills training in November of their first year. Because each event is unique, the dress code, length of time at each event, and what to bring to each event varies widely. Look out for emails, or email us at for specific information about our events.

2021 Events:

Stay tuned, high school physicals and Friday Night Lights will be kicking off after we are able to resume in person activities!

Find more information about opportunities to volunteer in the community through our Sports Medicine CHIP website:

Asahi Murata

Milan Oxspring

Garrett Trang

Alexxa Wirth

Kendall Schwartz

2021-2022 Student Leadership

Asahi Murata

Garret Trang

Kendall Schwartz

Milan Oxspring

Alexxa Wirth

Faculty/Physician Sponsors:

Dr. Erik Dean:

Dr. Kam Hunter:

Dr. Tod Sugihara:

Examples of Past Events

Medical students volunteered at the Mile 21.9 Medical Tent for the Rock and Roll Marathon in Phoenix, AZ on January 15, 2017.

U of A Med students at West View High School speaking to their Health Occupation Student Association club about getting into medical school, how sports influenced our decision to pursue medicine, our pre-med curriculum, and what a future in sports medicine looks like.

On Saturday, March 5, 2016, students attended the Current Topics In Sports Medicine Conference in Scottsdale, AZ. On behalf of the Sports Medicine Interest Group, students were invited to attend the event for free. Shown here (left to right) are conference hosts and UACOMP faculty Dr. Hirsch Handmaker and Dr. Jonny Lifshitz, as well as students Zachary Wilson, Gabriella Smith, Tanner Heckle, and Laura Hamant. Eight students from the College of Medicine attended the conference.

Other Examples of Our Yearly Events:

  • AZ Ironman Triathlon

  • Rock n' Roll Marathon

  • Pat's Run

  • High School Football Shadowing

  • AZ Sports Medicine Center Sports Physicals

  • Central HS Sports Physicals

  • TOPS Sports Physicals

  • Mezona Sports Physicals

  • Women's Football Sports Physicals

  • Women's Football Shadowing

Past Club Leadership

2019-2020 Student Leadership

Patrick Mayolo:

Ty Carlson:

2018-2019 Student Leadership:

Rebecca Chun:

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2017-2018 Student Leadership:

Erin Hartnett:

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2016-2017 Student Leadership:

Matt Burnham:

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Kyle Howarth:

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2015-2016 Student Leadership:

Tanner Heckle:

2014-2015 Student Leadership:

Nate Jones:

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2013-2014 Student Leadership:

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2012-2013 Student Leadership:

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