Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG)

The mission of UA COMP FMIG is to:


Club Leadership

Student Leaders: 

Van Dexter Calo, Class of 2027

Franki Walsh, Class of 2027

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Kiana Espinosa

Family Medicine

Dr. Genevieve Lambert

Family Medicine/Sports Medicine

Upcoming Club Activities 2023:    

Spring 2023

Fall 2023 

Past Leaders:

Lauren Schutz, Class of 2026

Nina Gautam, Class of 2026 

Erin Howard, Class of 2025

Amy Arias, Class of 2025 

Natalie Alteri, Class of 2024

Fran Buranday, Class of 2024

Jessica Dong, Class of 2024

Prathima Harve, Class of 2024

Amaris Tapia, Class of 2023

Karishma Kothari, Class of 2023

Merrion Dawson, Class of 2022

Alec Smith, Class of 2022

Cecilia Cruz, Class of 2021

Cornel Popescu, Class of 2021

Kaitlyn Simmons, Class of 2021

Past Club Activities 2016-2022

Fall 2022: 

Fall 2021:

Spring 2021:

Spring 2019  

October 2018               

August 2018 

October 2017


Previous FMIG Events

                                                        Clinical Skills Night: Casting Clinic                                                         

Students learned upper and lower extremity casting and splinting, led by 

Dr. Sarah Coles, Dr. Jake Anderson, and residents and faculty 

from Phoenix residency programs!

  Family Medicine Happy Hour 


FMIG kicked off the 2017-2018 school year with a family medicine 

mixer - students enjoyed appetizers at Mi Amigo's while 

mingling with faculty and residents and learning more about family medicine!