Culinary Medicine Interest Group


To improve the understanding and utilization of healthy, nutritious foods among future medical professionals, patients, and community members.

The Culinary Interest Group aims to empower students to make smart choices about their diet through education in the culinary arts. Students will become authorities on healthy cooking through hands-on instruction, which will encourage them to prescribe food as medicine and effectively teach their patients to treat food as a measure to prevent chronic diseases.

Upcoming Events/Goals:

  • Cooking classes for patients and students at Wesley Clinic

  • Lunch talks and interactive events with guest speakers/chefs

  • Influence on-campus food quality (i.e. Downtown Phoenix Wellness Market)

  • Culinary Medicine educational elective / on-campus teaching kitchen

Check back for event dates!

Past Events:

Current Interest Group Leaders, Class of 2025:

Lyndon Bui

Nicholas Chartrand

Chap-Kay Lau

Jennifer Li

Faculty Mentor:


Farshad Fani Marvasti, MD, MPH

Director, Prevention, Public Health and Health Promotion

Assistant Professor of Family, Community and Preventive Medicine

Culinary Medicine Interest Group was founded in March 2017.

Previous Interest Group Leaders:

Class of 2024:

Catherine Ingbar,

Sean Youn,

Ruoyan Zhu,

Jessica Dong,

Class of 2023:

Sukriti Bagchi,

Leeann Qubain,

Deborah Yang,

Class of 2022:

Tyler Bien,

Julie Tran,

Class of 2021:

Gurman Dhaliwal,

Manroop Kaur,

Cornel Popescu,

Class of 2020:

Sarah Javaherifar,

Sarah Loh,

Daniel Salevitz,

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